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Wedding services

In Be@utopia   I    work    closely with experienced and professional Hairdressers so we are able to offer  Hair and Makeup Packages and to go out to your venue on your    Big Day.

In Be@utopia different beauty  services   also   available :
-  Semi permanent Lashes
- Brows wax & tint
- Nails
-  Pedicure

-  Spray Tan
- Facials  including: spa facial, derma planning, derma roller, micro needling
-  Teeth whitening
- Hair extensions
and so much more...


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Everything under one roof  for you to get ready with    friendly prices!


Talking about prices....

Bride Makeup 
- Including  rehearsal :   £ 80

- Rehearsal only:  £40

Bridesmaids & Mother of
the bride/groom  Makeup   
- Including rehearsal :  £65

 - Without rehearsal:  £35

Guests    Makeup
-   Including rehearsal:   £55
-   Without rehears
al   £30

Flower   girl    Hair    &   Makeup
(age   1-12)   £25


Bride Hair & Makeup
- Including rehearsal :  £  150

- Rehearsal only:    £75

Bridesmaids & Mother of
bride/groom    Hair & Makeup
- Including rehearsal :  £120

- Without rehearsal :   £65

Guests Hair   &   Makeup
-   Including rehearsal   £105
-    Without rehearsal   £55

For salon services & availability please inquire!

For the Brides the REHEARSAL is required, to make sure on the Big Day you don`t have to stress about your look, you know exactly  what to expect...
I can help you   with some tricks   and tips about what to pay attention  and how to prepare your skin for your Big Day, the free consultation included in the trial.

All trials taking place in the salon, Be@utopia in Warrington town center.  On the wedding day we can go out to the venue  with my Hairdresser partner  where  you choose to get ready. We got your back! :)

Travel cost on the wedding day:

WARRINGTON AREA          £ 50   (Makeup only   £25)
OUT OF WARRINGTON    £ 80+ (Makeup only £45+) depends on location


Payments & Deposit

On the day of the trial only the the trial cost have to be payed. 

You   have maximum a week   thinking   time  to confirm and   a   contract   with two receipts  will be sent out .
50% of the Wedding day`s  cost (as booking fee) have to be payed to secure your booking when confirming, the other   50% + travel cost a  week before   your   wedding date.

This way you can split  all the costs and you don`t have to pay everything  at the same time. 

All booking fees    are non-refundable.

We offer amazing Pre-Wedding packages for our bride and her loved ones.
All treatments take place in  our beautiful salon in Warrington town center   in Be@utopia, 23 Cairo street, We1 1ee.
To book in your appointments please get in touch, 50% booking fee applies for packages and booking fees are non-refundable.

Our team:

as Anette   Makeup 

   Lash extensions

Paula Rothwell
as Be@utopia   
Teeth whitening
Spray tan
Gel nails
 &Hair extension specialist

as   Wanny`s   Nails 

Nails Technician 


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